How Reward Points and Gift Cards work

Reward points.
1. As a member, you will be rewarded with points based on the product you buy. You’ll receive vouchers that come in the form of Codes when you reach 60 points/120 points calculated mid-November every year. The voucher code will appear in your account when you sign in, good for 6 months.
2. Any points you earn that are not converted into a voucher code (because you do not have enough points for a voucher, or to reach the next threshold) will remain on your I haven’t the Foggiest account as live points and continue to roll over until they are converted into a voucher code or until they expire. Any live points which are not converted into a voucher code will remain on your account for 6 months; points will expire after 18 months of inactivity.
3. There is no cash alternative to Reward Points. They have no cash value and they are non-transferrable
4. Reward Points may only be used on website
5. Reward Points  offered at Pop-up events are for online use only (On discretion of the Foggiest team).
60 points is equal to 20% off your next online order
120 points is equal to 35% off your next online order
6. Plse note, points are not reinstated if a product is returned. Made on redeemed points purchase
Gift Cards.
a) When a gift card is bought, you will receive a special code
b)  It will refresh the total amount
c) If there is any remaining, it will be updated in the database. No notification is noted.
d )When you buy again, apply your special code and it will refresh
e) There are reward points with the gift card but it will belong to the customer who buys the gift card
f) Gift cards last 1 year and may only be used online:
g) Sign-in is required
May be used in conjunction with money
All gift cards and reward points are sole proprietary of and cannot be used anywhere else.
Private code:
Input your code where states Add Code. There are no reward points for private codes
No sign-in account is necessary