Who the Foggiest

Approaching every collection with a playful elegance, I Haven’t the Foggiest is a London design brand full of poetry and celebration that touches the soul with uniquely engineered hand illustrated paintings blended in colourful artistry from newborn to 10yrs.

The season’s collection is inspired by a call for a safer world for our children to grow up in. Of hope and positivity, carefree days surrounded by the strength and fragility of nature and the desire to be closer to our environment. There is a sense of freedom in how the brushstrokes swirl on the canvas evoking lightness, grace and charm in these easy to wear, timeless styles.

Flamingo bubble onesie


Design your own sweatshirt


craft romper


Lilac garden skirt


Sky gather sleeve dress


Broderie Anglais ruffle top



Social distancing effectively

To effectively social distance and look out for our community we’re advised to wear masks as a basic layer of protection. It has been scientifically proven that at the very minimum, a 2-layer mask should be worn when entering indoor space. Micro-droplets when talking, coughing and sneezing can travel up to 7-8m and will continue to drift for up to 20mins depending on size and activity before falling to the ground.

Wearing a reusable mask or non-plastic visor will reduce the velocity of our micro droplets providing greater protection to others. It’s the simplest activity we may engage in as our front-liners work day and night to help bring us the medical aid, care, treatment and vaccines that we desperately need.

Plse do consider wearing a non-plastic visor or reusable fabric mask. The Duke study states that fabric masks reduce the spread of droplets at the same rate as a disposable paper surgical mask. Too many disposable masks are ending up in our rivers, our parks, our oceans, further increasing the friction our planet has to endure.

We have 3 types of the most popular non-medical masks for adults, junior (8-15yrs) and the little ones (2-7yrs). The cup and pleat are 3 layers including an 800thread count filter pocket. The origami is a 4-layer mask. All three have passed the lighter test. They’re durable, non-toxic, soft and based on feedback, extremely comfortable.

We use high quality fabric and trim. The little ones wear them longer and each one is slightly different to the next which means your mask will be unique to you.


Mindful, ethical.


We look forward to collaborating with like-minded projects in 2021

Visit back for more info https://www.likefoggiest.com

Sky blue garden cup mask


Woodlands origami mask


Berry deer mask


Glacier Rose cup


We have worked with

We have worked with the wonderful Eva Mueller as we have done since the beginning. Her sharp eye for capturing defined images in evocative and striking ways are just a few of the qualities that draw us to her.

Originally from Germany and settling in New York in the 1990’s, Eva has worked with many music celebrities, renowned fashion houses and high-end magazines such as Vogue. Photoshoots by Eva Mueller.

See her work at http://www.evamueller.com/fashion

Left and bottomright images: Eva Mueller. Both dresses are from past seasons.

It is our desire to one day become a B-corp organization and whilst we’re still away off, we are doing what we can towards achieving this goal.

We claim provenance in as many aspects as we possibly can within our reach. Our printers, the fabrics we use (cotton, linen, tencel), the knitters and the sample rooms we use to make our small batches have all been authenticated. We have always produced in small batches to reduce waste and ease pressure on our environment.

Designing consciously

Our Belisha beacon.

This combined with our collections designed for years to come is the reason why we eschew sale season. (2020) was a little different and we’re holding our current one at the end of the season due to the lockdowns-Thanks, Covid!)

We consider our impact through the supply chain. Our knitters are homemakers who eke their living out at their alpaca farm in a rustic little place 20mins by dusty mini-bus from Cusco, Peru. I’ve sat in the garden with them doing my bit by rolling balls of cashmere and alpaca whilst they knit.

The packaging we use in sending orders out to our international buyers currently come in cellophane bags. While we are not there yet it is at the very least biodegradable.

We don’t use denim in our collections. Denim in particular go through many rounds of dye/wash. It is frightfully toxic to our environment and requires immense energy via machine and manual labor.

Our support. Our principal cause of choice is Client Earth because we know that they’re achieving seismic change. Client Earth is an international cause, built of lawyers and environmentalists at heart who can bring about real change and influence better policy through the courts. Donations from our masks sold at Home Grown will contribute though real action. https://www.clientearth.org

We’re also supporting Thames Chase, a local community aiming to regenerate landscape in its area.