Gentili sencha dress


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100% fine, soft cotton.This sample will fit a 7yrs or a small 7-8yrs.

Uniquely hand-illustrated print engineered across the front and back on a palette of sencha hues and lace print detailing at the bottom edge will a good dollop of twirl to go through a whole day without stopping. Exploding double ruffle sleeves adds an additional showstopping feature to this very feminine dress.

Just so pretty, throw on and go. Keep on keep on twirling. No zippers, pulls or buttons to fumble here.

True to European size and fit.

Cool wash at 30 degrees and cool or air dry.

Samples. The beauty of small batch crafted by artisans is that each individual item is very slightly unique but each season we also offer a limited number of editorial and salesman samples that were used in fashion shows, trade shows and the media in addition to samples that didn’t make the cut. After their purpose or those that don’t quite reach our high standards they find themselves in our sample outlet at a fraction of the price in return for a one way delivery to your loved ones and/or you.